ULTIMA acquired a THOR System which is the first indirect thermal desorption unit in West Africa and is designed specifically to remove hydrocarbons from drilled cuttings and recover clean base fluid – oil or synthetic. Indirect thermal desorption is safe, reliable, and economical. Contaminants can be recovered and recycled into useful products and treated cuttings can be returned to the environment reducing future liability.

The ULTIMA THOR System combines innovative technology from Brandt with ULTIMA’s proven experience in waste management to provide a new standard for “green” drilling operations in West Africa. The plant has been installed at our site which is located in the Eyaa Industrial Layout in Onne, Rivers State on forty (40) plots(30,000 sq.m) of land at the waterfront for effective support of offshore and onshore/swamp drilling activities.

Features and Benefits of the ULTIMA THOR System include:

1. Provides safe, complete remediation of drilled cuttings at up to 10 tons per hour process rates
2. Reduces or eliminates future environmental liability
3. Removes and recovers hydrocarbons, with no measurable degradation, for reuse or resale
4. Provides a reliable, cost effective option to other treatment alternatives
5. Designed to process a variety of types of oi based cuttings and oil/water concentrations
6. Meets current air quality standards
7. Includes all system components, controls, and monitoring devices in a modular, skid mounted system
8. Located at a specially designed central waste management facility
9. Proven field results

The plant is operational and it is one of the biggest in West Africa.


In line with our drive to maximize value for our clients, ULTIMA recently acquired 3 units of Continuous Vertical Cuttings Drier (VCD), from the world acclaimed technology leader in vertical cuttings drier technology CSI of USA. The VCD’s can recover up to 95% of valuable drilling fluids that are typically lost with cuttings discharged from shakers. The substantial reduction of fluids on cuttings yields relatively dried cuttings with as low as less than 5% oil by weight. This dramatic reduction of discharged cuttings and maximum recovery of drilling fluids result in huge savings for the operator through significantly reduced mud losses and much lower cuttings disposal/processing cost (much less quantity processed).


As part of its consolidation as a fluids management company, ULTIMA expanded into Solids Control Services. It currently provides on rental, solids control equipment such as Shale shakers, Hi-G driers and centrifuges/decanters.
When it rendered agency services to ENSCO Drilling Company Nigeria Ltd. ULTIMA was contracted by ENSCO to provide all the labour crew for their HPHT rig ENSCO 100. The marine spread – field support and AHTS vessels, crew change boats – for the rig was also provided by ULTIMA.

The contract lasted for 4years and covered drilling operations for both Shell and Agip. Following the success of the ENSCO contract, ULTIMA also provided agency and marine support services to Parker Drilling Nigeria Ltd on their PDC-73 rig engaged by Shell.

Since the ENSCO breakthrough, we have expanded fully into oilfield logistics support and our coverage includes:

  • Provision of oilfield trucks (low-, and flat-bed)
  • Provision of barges(flat top, ramp), tug boats, crew boats, field/platform support
  • vessels, AHTS, etc. Provision of lift boats (SEWOP)
  • Rig manpower agency.
  • Provision of base support (offices, storage yards, workshop, etc.)

It is the intention of ULTIMA to be a major player in this sector and to achieve this we have put a plan in place to expand our fleet.